Our low $85 flat-rate price is for PC desktops and laptops running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. For smaller jobs – for example fixing a power supply issue, our flat rate price will decrease as low as $45. We are now offering an expedited service for $25 if you want us to expedite your repair! We guarantee that our repair services will not exceed $85 (parts and material are extra, but sold to you at cost) and includes the following services:

  • Full cleaning of your computer (dust removal, etc. – inside and out)

  • Data backup of your files

  • Comprehensive scans for viruses and malware

  • Full system diagnosis

  • Perform repairs after they are approved by customer

  • Optimized system speed

  • Data restoration (if necessary)

(*Special applies to PC desktops and laptops only.*)

If you decide not to have your computer fixed (ex: material costs are too expensive), a $35 diagnostic fee will be charged.